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Título : Inventory of the socio-affective and academic problems found In an english language classroom
Autor: Angarita Goenaga, Diana Elena
Bedoya Castaño, Lina Maritza
Asesor : Cabrales Vargas, Myriam
Palabras clave : English teaching;Socio-affective problems;Academic problems;Enseñanza del inglés;Problemas académicos;Problemas socio-afectivos
Fecha de publicación : 24-mar-2015
Resumen : Nowadays the learning of second languages is limited by diver factors, generating a lower performance of the students. This investigation intends to reveal some kind of proximity to the psychology, and investigation inside the classroom that all teachers should have to rule learning difficulties. This generates the necessity to make an inventory of socio-affective and academic problems that affect the English learning. Although in some opportunities the interdisciplinary work is possible, not always the teachers can count on this tool; when this happens, the teachers should give their best, in order to deal with socio-affective and academic problems that will not let the students to learn or give their best during their learning process.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10819/4459
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